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    Looking for Vacations Packages;

    It is a pleasure to be able to help you plan your vacation to Costa Rica!

    We invite you to review our information about Costa Rica Packages, Accommodations, Naturalist Tour Guides, Eco-Tours, Car Rentals, Domestic Flights, and Other Services.

    We are specialized for the tropical region in the southern part of Costa Rica.  Many people come to OSA’s Corcovado National Park, the crown jewel of Costa Rica, where you have the best chance of seeing Jaguars, Scarlet Macaws and other endangered species,.

    Costa Rica has over 5% of the entire world’s plant and animal species, just to give you a tip; there are more birds here than in the all the United States and you can check them out when you book one our vacations package deals.

    Costa Rica is a unique place to spend your vacations with Tropical Rainforests, long blond beaches to Surf and live Volcanoes; you can find incredible diversity all in one tiny space.

    We offer standard and tailor-made packages to all the amazing locations of Costa Rica & Panama. If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring the world’s truly wild places in comfort with small groups and guided by experts, our trips are for you.

    Please write us today to find out how easy & affordable your dreams can be in Costa Rica!

    Chose your Costa Rica Vacation…

    CORCOVADO Oudors Adventures & Ecological Tourism
    Best Travel Deals for Corcovado


    Share your Adventure with other eco travelers into
    Amazon of Corcovado is populated by a “who’s who” of endangered species, including the puma, jaguar, tapir, poison dart frogs and crocodiles.

     Agua Dulce Beach Resort Logo 2

    room agua

    Room Agua Du


    Standard Room – $90 double occupancy, $20 PP, 4 Max

    Suite – $120 double occupancy, $20 PP, 4 Max

    Beach Suite – $150 double occupancy, $20 PP 4 Max

    Villa – $240 1-4 occupancy, $20 PP 8 Max

    Beach Bungalow – $300 1-4 occupancy, $20 PP 8 Max